Syntax To Java Program Structure

Syntax To Java Program Structure
Syntax To Java Program Structure 

    Syntax To Java Program Structure

    A java Syntax is a Structure of a Java is a basic form of every Java program.

    How To Write Java First Program?

    class icoderweb


    public static void main(String[] args)


    System.out.print("Hello world Welcome to icoderweb");




    Hello world Welcome to icoderweb

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    How To Use Program Structure in Java?

    class: class keyword which is used to declare.

    Keyword: The word which is predefined in the library is called keyword.

    icoderweb: icoderweb is the class name of the java program.

    public: public keyword which is called the access specifier. It is used to provide accessibility of data member and member function.

    static: static is a java keyword. It can be used with a variable or function.

    void: void is a java return type keyword that there is no value is returning by the function. we use any other keyword integer, floating, character, etc in place of void then we will use the return keyword.

    main(): main()  function is the entry of any java program execution start the main() function.

    String[] args: String[]args of an array of type String arguments.

    it is called the command line arguments.

    System.out.println: system.out.the print method can be used to print data information onto the output screen.

    system. out means Standard output object. and
    print() means function of java program.

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