write a C program to print patient's records use Structure?

write a C program to print patient's records use Structure?
write a C program to print patients' records using Structure?

How do we write a C program to print patients' records using Structure?

C Language structure is another user-defined data type available in C that allows combining data elements of different types. 
Structures are used to represent a record. Like you want to keep record your books in a library.

The structure is a collection of data from different data types. The structure is a user-defined data type.
we can access members of the structure by making the variable of structure.
The structure can be used Keywords struct.

Book ID




Definition of Structure: A structure defines you must use the struct keyword in the statement. A struct keyword defines a new data type with more than one Elements. The format of the struct keyword statement.

Structure Syntax 

struct [structure_Name] 


data_type variable 1;

data_type variable 2;

data_type variable 3;


Structure Syntax  Example

struct Book


int book_id;

char book_title[100];

char book_name[100];

char book_author[100];


A structure is optional and each data types definition is a normal variable definition. 
At the end of the structure's definition, before the final semicolon(;).We can use specify one or more structure variables but it is optional

How To Use Structure in C Language?



struct Book

int book_id;

char book_title[100]; 

char book_name[100]; 

char book_author[100]; 


int main( ) 

struct Book B; 

B.book_id = 665407; 

strcpy( B.book_title, "C Programming Language"); 

strcpy( B.book_name, "C Language"); 

strcpy( B.book_author "C E Bala Swami"); 

printf( "Book ID: %d\n", B.book_id);

printf( "Book Title: %s\n", B.book_title); 

printf( "Book Name: %s\n", B.book_name); 

printf( "Book Author: %d\n", B.book_author);



Book ID: 665407 

Book Title: C Programming Language 

Book Name: C Language Book 

Author: C E Bala Swami 

Structures Function Arguments

A Structure-function argument can be used in the same way as we can pass any other variable.

How To Use Structure Function in C Language?



struct student 

int s_id; 

char sname[50]; 

char sfname[50]; 

char smname[100]; 


void printdetails( struct student s); 

int main( ) 

struct student s1; 

struct student s2; 


strcpy(s1.sname, "Jitendra"); 

strcpy(s1.sfname, "Sohan"); 



strcpy(s2.sname, "Rohan"); 

strcpy(s2.sfname, "Sohan"); 




return 0; 

void print details( struct student s ) 

printf( "Student Id : %d\n", s.s_id); 

printf( "Student Name : %s\n",s.sname); 

printf( "Student Father Name : %s\n",s.sfname);

printf( "Student Mother Name: %s\n",s.smname); 



Student Id: 63633 

Student Name : Jitendra 

Student Father Name: Sohan 

Student Mother Name: Geeta 

Student Id: 6367833 

Student Name: Rohan 

Student Father Name: Sohan 

Student Mother Name: Rekha 

How do we write a C program to print patient's records using Structure?



struct parents 

char sname[100]; 

char fname[100]; 

char mname[100]; 

char faddress[200]; 

int faddhar_num; 

int fmobile_no; 

int mmobil_no; 


int main() 

struct parents p; 








printf("Student Name:%s\n",p.sname); 

printf("Student Father Name:%s\n",p.fname);

printf("Student Mother Name:%s\n",p.mname);

printf("Student Father Addresd:%s\n",p.faddress); 

printf("Student Father Aadhar Number:%d\n",p.faddhar_num); 

printf("Student Father Mobile Number:%d\n",p.fmobile_no); 

printf("Student Mother Mobile Number:%d\n",p.mmobil_no); 


Student Name: Shubham 

Student Father Name: Ramesh 

Student Mother Name: Radhika 

Student Father Address: Delhi 

Student Father Aadhar Number:67574357 

Student Father Mobile Number:96905657 

Student Mother Mobile Number:9787877 


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