Best C Language introduction History with Features

Best C Language introduction History with Features
Best C Language introduction History with Features 

    Best C Language introduction History with Features 

    C Introduction:  C language Basic introduction A Computer programming Language is a medium for users to communicate with computers, just like you can use Hindi or English to communicate with each other person programming is a way for us to deliver our instructions to the computer. 
    The computer understands only Binary code instructions.
    C Language learning best tutorial.

    What is Introduction to C language?

    C History: A C Language is a Basic General purpose Programming Language. It is a base of all high Programming Languages, So It is called the Basic Programming Language.
    history of c language.
    C Developed by Dennis Ritchie AT and T's Bell Laboratory(U.S.A).
    C Language Developed in 1972, C Language was Basically Developed to implement UNIX operating System.
    C Programming Language Basic introduction.

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    What is C language's simple definition?

    C Language is simple to use and simple structure Programming Language.
    It is a very powerful Programming Language 
    In this Language to near a C.P.U.
    C Language is a very fast Programming Language because it is near a computer system.
    you can develop a Game to use C Programming Language.

    What are the C language and its features?

    1. Simple

    2. Easy To Used

    3. Powerful

    4. Portable

    5. High Efficiency

    6.Mid Level Programming Language

    7. Machine Independent

    8. Structure Oriented

    9. Flexible.

    Application of C Language

    1. Database System

    2. Developed text Editors 

    3. Developed Driver

    4. Compilers

    5. Operating Systems

    6. Developed Game

    7. Network Drivers

    8. Interpreters.

    9. Graphical Packages

    What is C Language

    C is a simple programming language. C language is one of the oldest and first programming languages in computer technology.

    C language is used to program a wide variety of systems some use of C.

    1. windows Linux and other operating systems are written code in C Language.

    2. C language is used to write driver programs code for drivers like printers etc.

    3. C language is used to program embedded systems where the program needs to run faster in limited memory resources.

    4. C language is used to develop games latency is very important computer keywords are quickly on user input.

    C Program File Extension

    All the C programs area units written into text files with extension ".c" for example icoderweb. c. you'll be able to use the "notepad" editor to write down your program into a file.

    C program assumes that you just edit a computer file and write down programming instructions within a program file.

    How To Work C Compilers

    When you write any program in the C language program then to run that program you wish to compile that program C compiler.
    which converts your program into a language perceivable by a pc. this is often known as machine language like binary format. thus before continuing to certify you have got a compiler out there at your pc. It comes alongside all flavors of the UNIX system and Linux.

    If you are operating over a UNIX system or Linux, you will be able to type GCC -v or cc -v and check the result. your computer user otherwise you can take facilitate from associate one to spot an out there compiler at your pc.

    If you do not have a compiler put in at your pc then you'll be able to use below given the link to transfer a wildebeest compiler and use it.


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